<bgsound src="17-patti_page-how_much_is_that_doggie_in_the_window.mp3" loop="1" volume = "-500"> All Star Grooming,  Clipping, Conditioning dogs coats, Combing, Raking out, Hand Stripping, Nail Cutting, Expressing anal glands, Cleaning ears, Worm, Flea tick management, Bathing, shampooing, conditioning.


Reliable dog groomer based in Tamworth, Staffordshire has 20 years experience with dogs - Grooming all breeds including my own show dogs during the last 10

Professional, quality, caring service with Results achieved with kindness, love and patience.

  • One to one attention

  • Qualified and Insured

  • Ample Parking

  • Bathing, shampooing, drying,

  • clipping, scissoring/trimming,

  • ear cleaning, nail clipping

  • or part only grooming

  • Also advice to owners, if required.

  • Prices depend on type of coat, size of dog, etc. so please contact me – Carol Evans – to discuss your requirements.

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